Thursday, January 16, 2014


Keywords: healing, balance, release of bad habits, higher attunement, persistence

The energy emanations of Unakite stimulates the healing of disease bought on by the repression of emotions, anger and resentment in particular. These two emotions are of a low frequency and based on the ego. Continually holding onto these emotions creates a standing pattern of these energies in the tissues and Unakite helps prevents these patterns from turning into disease by releasing them from the tissues before the disease manifests.

Other Benefits:
• Unleashes hidden emotional pain
• Connects the lower and higher Heart Chakras
• Encourages self-love and compassion
• Helps remove negative energy
• Embraces one to remain powerful in times of being a victim
• Helps maintain a balance between spiritual and physical lives
• Assist in creating the life one needs
• Removes energy blockages blocking personal growth
• Helps one heal from compulsions, obsessions and childhood traumas
• Helps release pain and anger built up from the past
• Strengthens courage
• Stimulates and opens the Third-Eye for spiritual growth and psychic visions
• Assist one in taking back control of their life
• Transforms anger and fear into positive constructive energies
• Helps one find things that have been lost
• Sorrow, despair or self-pity have no effect on a person carrying this stone
• Hold on the Sacral Chakra to assist empowerment of one’s well being
• Mediate with Unakite to find answers to emotional questions
• Place in a room to fill the atmosphere with a gentle calming energy
• Reduces the effects of electromagnetic smog
• Helps children to feel safe enough to talk about their problems
• Helps the body’s self-healing system
• Guides one to go within their center to find their underlying problem
Spiritually: Unakite raises the vibrations of the physical and emotional bodies by releasing disharmonious emotional frequencies.
Emotionally: Unakite helps to let go of negative emotions and the habitual negative thought patterns that create them.
Physically: Unakite offers support in the treatment of cancers and heart disease. It promotes the growth of healthy tissues and aides in the recovery of injury.

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