Monday, January 20, 2014


The stone of the day is Rhodonite.

Keywords: Heart, Healing Inner Child, Love, Unconditional Love, Attraction, Release Old Trauma

Vibrates well with the Root and Heart Chakras

Rhodonite is the stone to work with for those that fall under the phenomenon of the “Wounded Healer Teacher.” The Wounded Healer Teacher can be defined as people that undergo and experience severe emotional trauma in this life path, in order to learn and grow, so they can clear the path and show others that are going through it how to heal thyself. These groups of people, may come from a dysfunctional family upbringing, or they might have experienced a sudden traumatic event so severe that it could have split their personality in order to coupe. These people can take advantage of working with Rhodonite energy in order to move past living in the lower chakra, into the heart chakra and above. Until the inner childhood wounds and demons are cleared away, the person will not be able to live through the heart chakra. There is so no place for grief, sadness, depression, loneliness, low self esteem, heart pain, anger, in the heart chakra. These are all emotions that one experience while living in unbalanced lower chakras. The repressed trauma must be transmuted if one is to evolve to living in a higher frequency. The Wounded Healer Teacher can use the powers of Rhodonite to transform and transcend their low state by going back to the inner child and releasing all the repressed trauma. By aligning and integrating with Rhodonite’s energies, the physical body immediately begins to heal the emotional body as the inner child wounds resolved. As soon as the inner child wound heal, the emotional body is restored and strengthen. Rhodonites vibration of love within, will begin to take form and restore love in the heart. The person will immediately begin living in the heart center, and start becoming altruistic.


Rhodonite absorbs, transmutes, and deflects stress from the external environment.
Support all problems with the heart, whether internal or external.
The BEST gemstone to treat grief, breaking ups, heartbreak, divorce, loss of a loved one.
Rhodonite works with PAST trauma, not present trauma. It digs and resolves up the old, suppressed or repressed wounds.
Rhodonite cures the damaged or injured inner child.
Cures the heart, known as the “Heart Stone ” helper, it balances the heart chakra.
Gemstones are very powerful, they can open up an emotionally closed down person (repressing/suppressing inner child wounds).
Opens up the heart to receive unconditional love a.
It is the stone for inner growth and self-love.
Increases passionate love.
Used to attract soul mate, twin flame, wife/husband, girl friend etc…
Rhodonite helps one live up to his/her greatest potential.
Clears away resentment and anger and helps find forgiveness.
Builds self confidence, self forth, self-confidence and self-esteem.


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