Thursday, January 16, 2014

Red Jasper

The stone of the day is Red Jasper.
A stone of physical strength and energy, Red Jasper stimulates gently and steadily, enhancing stamina and endurance, and increasing the amount of chi, or life force, in one’s aura or energy field. It is a stone of health and passion, and brings the courage to face unpleasant tasks and to rectify unjust situations. 
Benefits of Red Jasper:
Excellent stone for tranquility and peace.
Grounds a person to the Earths energies.
Balances the root chakra.
Attracts abundance as it is an Earth element.
Spiritual shield, used for protection from negative energies.
Excellent stone to put under your pillow before sleep to recall dreams.
Provides protection and grounds energies of the body.
Absorbs and transmutes negative energy.
Balances positive and negative energies.
Eliminates electromagnetic and environmental pollution, and radiation.
Builds will power, courage and determination.
Builds character, and aids in developing organizational abilities.
Stimulates imagination and transforms ideas into action.

Physically: Red Jasper stimulates increased energy, strength and stamina. Known as a stone of health, Red Jasper strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory system, blood and liver.
Emotionally: Red Jasper helps one to release feelings of guilt or shame from violent sexual experiences.
Spiritually: Red Jasper activates and simulates the root chakra and helps raise the kulandani energy up the spine.
Affirmation: I have supreme protection from all things negative and I am full of life and vitality.

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